The fashion industry has built itself a bad reputation for the lack of love for the environment and the people working within the industry. Many people think that sustainability and fashion can’t coexist and this is a huge stigma associated within the topic, it's one of the main reasons we created nu-in... to show the world that affordable fashion can be met whilst putting sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.


So how are we doing this?


  • We partner with the best factories and people in the world who also share our mission of changing the fashion industry for the better. Our factories and partners are investing heavily into sustainable manufacturing and sourcing the highest quality materials. They are very professional and efficient, avoiding waste and unnecessary costs. What we have learned through our team's shared experiences is that low wages, old machinery and bad management methods are some of the biggest reasons for the waste of resources and high costs in manufacturing.

  • We work directly with everyone. Direct with our manufacturers, mills, partners and our customers. No agents, no middlemen, nothing in between the product and you that is adding unnecessary costs.

  • We always start our design process at the yarn, unlike a traditional fashion company starting with the sketch/design of the product. Once we find a sustainable material, we utilise it for many different products. This allows us to have good capacity planning and economies of scale on materials.

  • We don’t work within the samples business, producing thousands of samples to be carried around with sales reps and agents. We do not spend millions in advertising campaigns or throw big parties. All costs which are a tremendous waste of resources in our industry.

  • We designed SALES out of our business model. It is estimated that 50% of all fashion products are sold at a discounted price. On top of that, almost 20% never end up selling. This is the result of pushing products into the market whether needed or not, with the aim to create a pricing strategy that inflates the initial price to give the consumer the feel of a “good deal” if reduced later.


  • We are not a big corporation, throwing fancy offices, bonuses and greed around. We are a movement of diverse people united in our mission. Many of us came from corporate culture and hated it. It is full of greed, selfishness, politics, rules and regulations. Of course, we love to be paid well and a bonus is not bad at all, but we more than that love our freedom and appreciation for what we do. We know that we have to be profitable and we will be, but we never will compromise our mission or our culture for it. We are not in business to grow profits, we want to grow our impact.



So, you want to know how that adds up and compared to a traditional model.
Here is a summary of a t-shirt comparison:

nu-in Model

Traditional Model

"Empowering innovations transform something that is complicated and expensive into something that is so much more simple and affordable that a much larger population can enjoy it."



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