Founded in 2019 Nu-in was created by a group of friends as a response to their conversations about the sustainable shortcomings of their own wardrobes, particularly the lack of fashion forward, cool and wearable staples with an affordable price point.

Influenced by a blend of Scandinavian chic minimalism and Berlin’s edgy street style, Nu-in focuses on creating must-have staples for the everyday wardrobe. A curated mix of women’s and men’s assortments, the brand connects state-of-the-art sustainable technologies with the realities of the modern wearer’s day-to-day, to offer a contemporary take on core styles.


We believe that by using a circular manufacturing process that fashion can co-exist harmoniously with nature and each product can be environmentally friendly from start to finish. By committing to using fabric that has been manufactured from textile waste, we are closing the loop on our garment production, resulting in the most efficient use of resources and consequently less damage to the environment.


Nu-in’s goal is to create a new understanding of everyday fashion. One that is based on environmental sustainability, to give back to our planet and community, and to create value through garment quality.

We believe the future of fashion is circularity. Working with our partners, Valerius 360, we are committed to using only jersey materials made from textile waste. Our mission is to expand our product range as these new innovations become available and become a fully circular brand. To find out more about our circularity journey, click here.