What does sustainability mean for nu-in?

Fashion has built itself a bad reputation with the onslaught of mass production of clothes with little regard for the environment and the people working tirelessly in often unethical conditions who make them. We feel a responsibility to change this.

There's three elements to look at when you talk about sustainability: Economic, environment and social.


‘Economic sustainability refers to practices that support long-term economic growth without negatively impacting social, environmental, and cultural aspects of the community.’

It’s important that we can be sustainable economically by providing jobs both internally and externally through our supply chain and logistics partners. Sustainable growth is important to contribute towards a strong economy and it helps us continue to create jobs within our industry. We also make sure the factories we partner with hold a strong support of these values for the working conditions and salaries their factory workers are on. You can read more about our factories here.


‘Environmental sustainability is defined as responsible interaction with the environment to avoid depletion or degradation of natural resources and allow for long-term environmental quality.

On average, 80% of the environmental impact from the production of clothes comes in the choice of material. Our design team is constantly learning and working closely with our factories on developing new ways in which we can create more sustainable materials for the production of our clothes. We currently use a variety of recycled, organic, and regenerated materials. You can read more about the materials here.

We built our creative studio right next to our factory in Portugal. We did this to enable less travelling for our clothes to be photographed. Portugal is full of beautiful, natural scenary which we benefit from by having our creative team based here when we want to shoot outside the studio. Our logistics partner is also based in Portugal. This is where all of our items are stored, then picked and packed ready to be shipped once orders have been placed. We made these decisions to try and limit some of the C02 impact the goods have from travelling around the world. This is the hardest part for us to control and until we are in a place where we can ship orders around the world electronically (come on Elon) we carbon offset this as much as possible.


‘Social sustainability encompasses human rights, labor rights, and corporate governance. Social sustainability is the idea that future generations should have the same or greater access to social resources as the current generation.’

We work extremely closely with our factories to ensure that the health and safety of the workers is treated with the utmost respect.

Along with our creative team based in Portugal, members of our design team and the founders regularly travel to each of our factories to ensure they are complying with our health and safety ethics. The communities we work with and build are ethical, diverse and focus on providing and maintaining a good quality of life.


Whilst we are very young, at nu-in we believe in total transparency.

You have the right to know where your products are made and that they were made in safe humane conditions. From the person sewing your garment together in Turkey to the fit technician making sure the clothes are the right shape in Sweden to the design team creating the beautiful artwork sat in the UK. We will always be honest and own up when we make mistakes, it’s the only way we can continue to grow.