At Nu-in, we are a small and nimble team. Our close relationship with our factories is invaluable to helping us achieve our sustainability goals for the brand. Most Nu-in garments are manufactured in Portugal, and very few styles from previous collections were produced in other trusted factories - you may find where each garment was produced directly on its product page.

The working conditions for all our partners include fair wages for all employees, no child labour and worker safety in the factories at all times. Below you can find more information about our main factories.

Supplier: VALERIUS
Factory: 360
Address: Rua da Outex 4485-263 Guilhabreu
Vila do Conde, Portugal

The 360 factory is a pioneering recycling centre manufacturing jersey materials from their own and their customer’s textile waste. We are working in close collaboration with the 360 factory to make Nu-in a 100% circular brand by 2024.


Supplier: VALERIUS
Factory: JUNIUS
Address: R. Industrial, 4750-803 São Martinho de Vila Frescainha, Portugal

Junius is an innovative jersey supplier who implements sustainable practices throughout their whole factory. These include only using organic and recycled fabrics in product production, all textile and paper waste is recycled and running the building on low-consumption electrical settings to reduce the amount of energy wasted. Nu-in’s jersey garments are made here.


Supplier: VALERIUS
Address: Estrada Nacional, nº2338, apartado 212 4740-694 Barqueiros – Barcelos

Clothius is an industry-leading seamless knitting factory that powers its machines from its own energy generated by solar panels. Our active and ath-luxe styles are created here.


Supplier: Vestire SA
Factory: VESTIRE
Address: R. Agrela, 50 4635-664 Vila Boa De Quires

Vestire is our knitwear supplier. Vestire implements a number of innovations to reduce their impact including solar panels, recycling their textile waste and sending their waste water to be treated and reused.