We will always be as transparent as possible with our audience, we are here to educate, discuss and hopefully one day inspire other brands to follow suit.

It’s estimated that less than 1% of the material used to produce clothing is recycled into something more, with one truck full of textiles being sent to landfill or being burned every second. We see this as an opportunity to use recycled materials where possible, utilising what is already in our environment and what would otherwise become waste.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides or fertilisers. It also emits up to 46% less greenhouse gases than non-organic cotton. By using this material we are able to save energy and water which helps to combat climate change.

Just 2.5% of the world’s water is classed as freshwater, with the majority of this being frozen or deep underground. It’s important we consider our water wastage as if we fail to do so, the planet may run out of fresh water in the next 25 years. One t-shirt from crop to shop uses around 2,700 litres of water, the equivalent of what one person drinks in 2.5 years. At nu-in we reduce water usage in two highly impactful ways. The first being, we always try to use recycled material which needs almost no water to become a new high quality material; secondly, in the production process, we work with factories who have the latest water saving washing technology. When combining recycling with clean water saving washing technology we can reduce water usage as much as 95%, a whopping 2,500 litres of water saved for every t-shirt made.

95% of used textiles can actually be recycled or repurposed. When you see this logo on your nu-in garment, you know that we've generated unwanted or surplus fabric into something beautiful for you.

We want to prevent our garments from sitting in landfill for years. That's why we use organic and natural materials that will biodegrade seamlessly back into nature. By using biodegradable materials, we are also reducing the use of harmful chemicals that damage the environment.

The world bank estimates that at least 20% of water pollution comes from textile dyeing. One of the ways we at nu-in reduce our negative impact on our planet is by using lower impact certified fabrics. This ensures that no harmful toxins are introduced into the environment.

nu-in believes that our customers have the right to know where their products are made and that they are made under safe and humane conditions. This is why every garment has a QR code that allows customers to see what factory it is made in. We also openly disclose our factories on our website. We have nothing to hide, in fact, we have everything to share.

This product has a low CO2 emissions impact. We are able to reduce CO2 emissions in our products by using state of the art laundry facilities, upcycling textile waste and design styles out of deadstock fabric.

This icon means that this is a seamless product. Having no seams increases the comfort and durability of the garment as there are no weak areas. Seamless also means there is much less waste of materials in the production stage.

Certain yarns of ours are infused with anti-bacterial properties that neutralize odours and eliminate bacteria and fungal build up on the textile. Approved by the World Health Organisation, the treatment is non toxic and eco friendly, ensuring your garment stays fresher for longer.