We’ve been asked a lot about Black Friday and our stance is... it’s CANCELLED.

Whilst many brands and retailers across the world shine their spotlights on mass discounting, at NU-IN, we’re doing things differently.

Black Friday, or even black week, became a sole catalyst for mass consumerism. By artificially driving prices down, retailers are providing consumers with the feeling that they’re getting a good deal. The fashion industry has very much invented this drug to boost their revenues by manipulating people into over buying and overspending.

We don’t believe in Black Friday. It is devaluing the product and all our work, it is manipulative, it is promoting overconsumption and most importantly, it’s harming the planet. Instead, we want to encourage people to buy better and to give back.


Buy For Good is an initiative where we donate 30% of our net sales from ‘Buy For Good’ labelled products to charities fighting for environmental and social justice. We launched this programme last month and have already raised over €22,000 which will be donated to Fridays For Future, a global youth climate strike movement inspired by Greta Thunberg..


On Friday the 27th, typically known as Black Friday - We'll be putting Buy For Good across the entire site.
We won’t make any profit on this day, instead we will donate 30% of all net sales to Fridays For Future, our chosen charity for the period until the end of December 2020.

This is our way of cancelling black friday. It’s time for us to rethink what we really need and what we stand for. But most importantly… It is time for the industry to change. We want to invite others to join the movement of cancelling black friday.