Wouldn’t it be amazing if we were only making clothes out of materials already within our system?

Let us introduce to you: MADE WITH CIRCULARITY!

When you see this phrase and logo it means that the products are made completely from our own textile waste, which mean we can reduce the environmental impact of this collection to almost zero.

Designed with circularity in mind by being able to be recycled at the end of it’s life and by using circular materials, means that this collection can be kept in the circular loop.


What does it mean for the planet?

Currently only 1% of all textile production is made using recycled materials.
With over 100 billion garments being produced every single year that’s a lot of unnecessary virgin feedstock causing harm to our planet.


How is it made?

Clothes should be designed with longevity and recyclability in mind. It’s a great step to include as many recycled materials as possible as you are giving another life to something that would otherwise be waste.

1. Build a supply chain that has sustainable processes (water, chemicals, carbon footprint) and is ethical.

2. Design into circularity by choosing only low impact materials (Designed for Circularity)

3. Manufacture with circularity by re-using resources and materials from our own processes (Made with Circularity)

4. Have circular products which are made with feedstock from post-consumer textiles and therefore closing the loop. (100% Circular Products)