Based in the North of Portugal (Barcelos), where the textile industry has deep rooted tradition, Clothius was born in 2014 as a circular knitting company and in 2017 began to incorporate seamless garments with the most recent technology into its factory floor. Seamless technology has transformed the overall worldwide production process, offering higher comfort and better fit by eliminating seams.


Clothius produces its own energy generated by solar panels, harvesting this to become pioneers in the seamless garment industry.


But what actually is seamless technology? Well, it’s a specific knitting technique that creates innovative and functional garments involving less cutting and sewing, ultimately saving on wasted material, cost and time. The end result ensures the garment fits well onto an individual’s body, giving a much lighter feel, comfort and ergonomic shape.


This technology also offers endless possibilities relating to colour combinations, textures and patterns combined with the use of antimicrobial and hydrophilic properties which aim to neutralise odours, eliminating bacteria, creating the best performance for activewear.

Partnering for a better world, Clothius believes in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure, is not just about making great clothes.