Junius works towards a more sustainable workplace, in order to decrease its environmental footprint. As part of this goal, all textile and paper waste are recycled, eventually being reused as new fabrics and /or paper supplies. Alongside this, all of Junius’ electrical system uses low-consumption settings, helping reduce the amount of energy wasted. 

Founded in 2014, Junius combines traditional know-how with the implementation of new and creative ideas to improve its production, always with an emphasis on environmental awareness at its core. 

Working closely with local suppliers, Junius aims to create a more sustainable future by implementing organic and recycled fabrics in all of its productions, pushing towards making these materials the new industry standard.

Despite all of this, and, at the heart of it all are its collaborators. Junius goes to great lengths to ensure the best working environment and conditions. This effort has already been recognised with a certification for ethical practices in its workplace.