Adopt a Shelter Dog

A shelter animal is waiting for someone's love every day.

We contacted the animal shelter ALAAR from Portugal because we wanted to find these dogs a home.
The team had a cuteness overload in the studio.


Associação Limiana dos Amigos dos Animais de Rua

These and other dogs are all looking for a family to love, not just from Portugal but all around the world.
Please meet some of them here, and don't hesitate to share the contact
of the shelter to anyone you
think would be able to give them a loving home.

phone 962 323 356
email alaarpl@gmail.com
address Rua do Fulão, Cepões, Portugal


The wonderful Sandy was born in October 2018 and entered the shelter as a baby in January 2019.
She is a beautiful, very sweet and very friendly dog, still very young and full of accumulated energy ... and so she needs space to run and play like she loves it!
Sandy is medium sized and is sterilized just like almost all dogs in the shelter. Smiling Sandy is looking for a 5 star family that understands her, loves her and cares as she deserves.
Does anyone fall in love with this cutie? ADOPT SANDY and win pure and true love.


The wonderful Pirate! He is about 3 years old and has been on the shelter for a long time.
He is a beautiful dog, super sweet and he loves cuddles. He likes to play a lot with his peers and with people. The Pirate is not a big dog to have in an apartment, he is a dog who likes to run, play and loves water. This sweetie is waiting for a real family. He is neutered, medium-sized and sociable with other dogs, cats and people.


Loves to eat and get's easily distracted.
He said it was 'because thef. waf. cookfief. everywfhefe. Whaf?'


Baboo's has been around for a while and has it's share of years.
He is looking for a family who likes a calm and loving doggo around.


Vince was born in early 2017 and entered the shelter in March 2018.
He is very playful and very active, he is friendly but he is also very selective in choosing both
big and human friends ... but he is a faithful friend.
He has a strong personality and does not like to be upset ... but he is a super sweet!

Have you adopted any dog from this or your local shelter? Tell us, we want to know!
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