One of the most unsustainable areas of fashion production is over stock. Overstock happens when a company produces too much of a product and that stock is left unsold, unused and most of it ends up in landfill. This outdated process also uses a lot of unnecessary energy and resources to produce.

We believe ‘on demand’ is the solution to this problem. The on demand model works and a design is only created when the customer purchases it. This means no excess waste or resources are used and greater flexibility and variety of choice can be offered.

At Nu-in, we have implemented this model into our weekly ‘print on demand’ project, Blank Canvas. This concept uses sweats and t-shirts as a blank canvas for graphic placement prints. A mini weekly capsule will be available as limited editions in our online shop, only printed when a style is purchased. Check out our latest design here.

We are also currently developing new on demand initiatives to build this sustainable model into more of our collections and offer ways of customising and making your Nu-in product unique to you.