We have built such a loyal community in the UK but unfortunately with the corona situation and BREXIT upon us, we have to inform you of some updates.



Hooray it appears a trade deal has been reached between the UK and EU - whilst we don’t know the ins and outs of this deal yet, the good news is we can continue to ship to the UK. It’s likely more information will come from the government within the next 3 months but for now we can continue to ship to the UK hassle free.

This is great news for us as we can continue our services to our loyal customers in the UK, however there are some cost increases we face from carriers with a few minor changes we must make you aware of:

  • Back to standard shipping service at 7,99 EUR.
  • Free shipping on orders over 84,99 EUR.
  • Express shipping available for 14,99 EUR.
  • Hassle free pre-paid returns on all shipments.
  • Shipments are accompanied by a customs clearance document as required, however no duty should be paid on products from EU or preferred country origin if the customs value of the shipment is below 135 GBP.

We will keep you up to date with any changes as the full terms of the deal progress. Thank you for your continued support.



With France closing the channel tunnel there is limited service and huge backlogs on inbounding goods to the UK. If you have purchased from us within the past few days, it is likely this package will face severe delays. We’re extremely sorry about this but there isn’t much we can do. We hope that the channel tunnel can reopen soon and business can begin to operate as normal, however it’s likely that these delays will continue into the Brexit situation.


1. I already placed an order, it’s on the way and I still want to receive my order:

a. Is there any chance my order won’t be delivered? What will happen if my order can’t be delivered?

If there is a chance your order can’t be delivered due to what was mentioned above, your order will return and will be refunded once your order reaches our warehouse. Please contact your carrier to understand if there is a chance this will happen.

b. If need to return anything from my order, will the return from the UK still be free from now on?

Absolutely, the returns will still be free! Starting in January, your return will have to be declared to customs, so you should also attach a proforma invoice declaring which items you’re returning to the outside of the package besides the return label. If you haven’t received a proforma invoice, please request one to Before returning your items, also please make sure you read our Return Policy.

2. I already placed an order, it’s on the way but regarding this situation of uncertainty, I’m not interested in receiving my order any more:

If you would like to cancel your order, please contact the carrier and ask them to return your order to the sender.

If you would like to know more information about the delivery of your order please directly contact the carrier that is delivering your order.