Founded in 2019 by a small group of friends who have worked in the fashion industry for a combined duration of 50+ years, nu-in grew from a desire to create a sustainable clothing brand, both fashion forward and affordable.

nu-in is born out of necessity and with responsibility to protect our planet and its inhabitants. Having the lowest possible impact on the environment underpins every decision made. It’s simply a given.

Fashion that is better for the planet

Are we expensive because we care? Never. Part of our belief is that it shouldn’t cost the earth to save the Earth. Using natural light in photoshoots and basing our creative office next to our main factory in Portugal not only helps to reduce our carbon footprint, it makes our clothes more affordable. Are we saying you should only buy from nu-in? It’s not our place to change where you shop. We just want to show the world that affordable fashion and sustainability can coexist. And if we only convince one person or one brand to think more about the impact fashion has on the environment, it will have all been worth it. 

Our founders,

Mike, Poppy, Marcus and Stefanie

Fashion first, sustainable always

Starting a sustainable fashion label that puts the planet before profit wasn’t a hard decision for us. It was common sense. Unlike the 2,700 litres of water it takes to produce one cotton shirt. We founded nu-in because we believe that if you wait for change, it won’t come. We’ve designed every part of our business around sustainability to show the fashion industry that it can be done; you can produce collections that people love using recycled and organic materials.